(Some dialogues are written in chinese)
In an unknown world balanced by light and darkness a dying warrior tightens a bound with the devil in order to see his loved for the last time...Will this be a good choice?
Beijing Vampires
(Turn the sound on for a better experience!)
Vampires have always been living concealed among humans since forgotten times in the city of Beijing but how long is this peaceful cohabitation going to last?
Shenzhen Vampires
(Requires to have finished Beijing Vampires)
A crazy scientist turns an harmless vampire into a pitiless machine war in order to achieve his diabolic plans but can he successfully control his own creation?
Xian Vampires
(Requires to have finished Shenzhen Vampires)
The legend says, once in the past there was a vampire with outstanding power and deadly skills, so powerful that even the gods feared him. Will the legend be true?
HSK Portal
The Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) is an official examination designed to assess the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers from beginners to advanced Level (divided in levels 1-6). Will you be able to pass it? Yes if you visit the HSK Portal to master chinese language.
Innovation is the key to the future, let the art invade the digital world. This website is meant to be a collection of digital artworks, everyone can register and upload his own masterpieces sharing them with the world and get popularity.
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